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We know Young Thug for his crazy wordplay and some times even shoking bars. We fought hard to get the best Young Thug Quotes. Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite and also share one of the Social Media Quote Batches.

I Don’t Want to rap forever but i want to be rich forever!

I’m not form here, im’ from the other earth im ready to go back – this here petty i mean like earth – close minded people….

I Do not always listen again but if something strikes me, i exploit it

I know every time i get somewhere, it’ll be strange. but if i understand correctly, i also have fans here and it reassures

I don’t want my kids saying, “my dad was a gangster, so i need to be a gangster.” i would rather have them say, “my dad ws a stunna, so i need to be a stunna”

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