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Young Dolph, a self-proclaimed “crack baby”, was born and raised on the Southside of Memphis, TN. The 31 year old rapper whose real name is Adolph Thornton, Jr. rose to fame. Dolph has not had it easy being on the limelight. He has experienced a fair share of drama. Ups and downs and even life threatening situations like the Charlotte shooting. We like to paint you a small picture in this Young Dolph biography.

Early Childhood Life


Young Dolph spent his early childhood life in Chicago Illinois, where he was born on the 11th of August 1985. They stayed in Chicago, Illinois for two years before moving with his family to Memphis Tennessee. He has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. His relationship with the parents has not been a strong relationship. Like most parents to child relationships, which is clear from his music where he describes the parents as crack smokers.

The parents never showed him love especially the mother, in his hit song ‘Preach’ he says: “Mama always in the streets, so guess who raised me?”. Young Dolph had quite a tough childhood which he has described in several of his interviews he has attended; his childhood is a great contributor to his success story as we shall see later. As he was growing up he considered his family to be hopeless. Especially the parents whom he has pictured in a number of interviews as “Completely Hopeless”. He paints the scenario further by with a vivid memory of his father beating the mother severely when he was three years old. The mother was hospitalized as a result of the beatings.

Late Childhood Life

The struggles he had at home with the parents not only affected him psychological but also affected him at school as well where at one time when he was in the fourth grade he called his teacher a “whore” which really affected his school life. The remarks made him have a rough time with the teacher as he was considered a rude, disrespectful child with no manners. As a result the grandmother took over the responsibility of uprising Young Dolph and the siblings. The grandmother wanted the best for the grandchildren. And played a major role in their upbringing she took them out of the chaotic life, to a better environment that could enhance their success and completion of education.

“the best I could do for my grandmother is to get a college degree.’’

Young Dolph stayed with the strict grandmother, who taught him, good values, respect for self and others. The grandmother emphasized on their education, because of her strict nature Young Dolph and the sibling had no alternative but to go to school and complete their studies to the level of a college degree. As Dolph always say: “the best I could do for my grandmother is to get a college degree.’’

Early Teenage Life

Young Dolph desire to succeed began at a tender age of 12, his upbringing gave him a strong metal picture and desire to succeed. The violence he saw around him and the poverty he experienced as he was growing up really are also major contributors towards his success story. As depicted above decision and desire to succeed was imparted in him at a tender age from the experiential and the environmental factors. But the decision to make money and lots of money came to him when he was 14.

This was as a result of rather sad phenomena. That is, the death of the aunt which was the first turnaround point in his life. His cousin (the late aunt’s child) who joined them to stay with the grandmother was his inspiration during these time and source of money minded idea. His cousin brought him the vision to make money and sharpened the idea too. They began hustling together at this point in time and still managed to stay in school as it was expected by their grandmother.

Late Teenage Life

By the time Young Dolph was 16 he had a gang. The gang was well recognized in the Castalia Heights of Memphis neighborhood where they stayed. The gang quickly learnt how to make money and sooner began making money projects. They knew exactly where the money was and how to get the money. During their money making activities he got involved in drugs with his gang, which explains his current weed addiction. He somehow regrets the decision of getting involved in drugs. Which is evident from the lyrics of his song “Survived”. Where he laments that drugs have been more of a curse subjected to his life.

He once lost his best friend as a result of drug addiction. The particular friend was high on drugs and died in a car accident where he was driving and knocked a tree resulting into his demise. After the friend’s untimely death, Young Dolph was also involved in a life threatening car accident where he survived by a whisker that was way back in 2002. The accident too was as a result of heavy drug intoxication and impaired judgment from drug abuse. These are some of the instances that make him consider drugs a curse to him. As it’s seen in this Young Dolph Biography, his life has not been a joy ride all through he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

Music Career

Young Dolph has had a desire to succeed and to make money. Money has been his main focus which greatly hampered his journey towards his career in music. He preferred his hustle and to him music was more of a hobby. Little did he know that music was the key to his stardom, fame and wealth! Young Dolph has been a great fun of rap music since childhood and never considered joining rap music the industry; it took a great convincing and encouragement from his friends to pursue his hobby as a full time job.

As a fan he had preferred artists whom he liked listening too because thy either encouraged him or he relates to their music. Some of the artist he adore include; Jay Z, Ruff Riders, C murder and No Limit just to mention a few. From the above list his favorites artists being Jay Z because he loves him and his music. He also loves C Murder because they come from the same geographical area.


His journey to fully pursue music as a career and venture into the music industry began officially in 2008. This happened at a very terrible time in life when his grandmother succumbed to lung cancer. It should be noted that his grandmother was very influential in his childhood life and early adulthood life. Thus the demise of the grandmother was not only a physical loss but an emotional loss as well. To him the loss of the grandmother could be compared to the loss of a parent. The grandmother greatly influenced his life positively.

The pain Young Dolph endured can’t be explained in words. After the demise of the grandmother the rapper was traumatized with another terrible misfortune. He was involved in a greasily road accident that almost took away his life the year 2008 was quite a painful one for Young Dolph. These ugly incidences, his recovery from the misfortunes with comfort from his friends were the motivating factors to fully venture into the rap music industry.

Break Through in His Music Career

He commenced his career passionately for a number of reasons which include to facilitate his recovery from the horrific accident and to help him come to terms with the death of his grandmother. His friends form a very strong basis to his success in the rap music industry because they form his first audience and the first lovers of his music. He got psyched up by his friends after listening to his first song to work on his music career to produce more music to make them happy. The friends wanted more of his songs because they could relate with the music and it also motivated them too. His first breakthrough in the rap music industry was after the successful release of his mixtape Paper Route Campaign which formed a basis of his career in music.

Independent Game Strategy

Young Dolph has had rather awkward strategy of being independent in his music career. Because he use acquired his knowledge of the streets’ to succeed in his music. Then when he releases a song he takes it to hit the streets. And messes the street with his music so that when he take it to the deejays it becomes a club banger instantly because he had already messed the streets with the song prior. He has used his street smart skills to raise to fame in his music career making him survive in the industry against all odds.

Dolph has also preferred to operate solo like a mafia in his rap music journey which has earned him a lot of enemies (haters) in the process as and admirers as well. As he was going in his rap music career he has never signed with any big labels in the rap Music industry but he prefers to invest his money in the purchase of beats, in his early years in the career he liked buying beats from big producers like Mike Will and Zaytoven. After purchasing the beats he used them to release his songs and mixtapes as well.

Consistency Was The Key

His character traits have also granted him a breakthrough in his music career in that he has been diligent and consistent thus releasing many mixtapes in a short spun giving him a competitive edge in the rap music industry. Compared with his counter parts in the music industry Young Dolph has done a lot. In the short period with over thirteen album mixtapes in his name. His consistence has paid off and has earned him a name and appearance on Billboard pop single charts. With the release of his earlier mixtape dubbed Welcome to Dolph World’ released in 2010 and later in 2011 he produced the two installments of High Class Street Music’ that increased his level of exposure to greater heights which even went further in 2012 when he released another mixtape dubbed A Time 2 kill and Blue magic mixtapes.’


Further Break Through in His Music Career

His talent and skills took him a notch higher. When the Trap God then Gucci Mane noticed his efforts in 2013 and contacted him for a deal which he agreed to execute. The duo went and recorded east Atlanta Memphis mixtape under the Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad imprint which earned Young Dolph an instant a celebrity status. His acquired new status from the collaboration with Gucci Mane not only elevated his status but also improved his rank and earnings from shows and performances. His pay scale with regards to performances improved greatly and went higher.

He was now able to earn between Twenty Thousand US dollars to Thirty Thousand US dollars per show and even more depending on the nature of the show. He went from the rich status to super rich status or just say he became wealthy. His status didn’t hamper his music career in fact it elevated him even further to produce many albums and even his debut album King of Memphis was produced after his major breakthrough in his rap music career.

He has received a lot of opportunities’ in rap music industry. And even scaled his career to new heights. That no one would expect judging by his humble beginnings. And has also worked with the many big names in the rap industry. Including Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and even Juicy J just to mention a few.

Nationwide Attention

In 2015 the rapper began attracting nationwide attention from his collaboration OT Genasis releasing the hit song Cut it which performed well and entered US Billboard Chart at position 94 before scaling up to 35 and even reaching position 11 in Hot RNB and Hiphop Chart which scaled his career further with sales of over 1,000,000 copies thus earning him a platinum sales status. The hit single California also boosted his presence, it was done alongside Ricco Barrino and T.I.

Young Dolph scaled further to new heights by releasing two mixtapes in 2016 dubbed Bosses & Shooters’ and Rich Crack Baby’ respectively. In the Bosses and shootes album he featured Jay Fizzle and Bino Brown. The Rich Crack Baby’ has been one of his bestselling mixtapes ranking at position 132 on the Billboard top 200. In addition to position 13 in TOP RnB Record Charts.

More To Come

Other than his numerous mixtapes the rapper has released his debut imprint album. It was done in February 2016 dubbed King of Memphis. Which ranked well among the various charts that is ranked 9 in Hot RnB and Hip-hop album chart.

Currently he is also scaling further to greater heights. With release of the mixtape dubbed Gelato that has performed well in the US Charts and Billboard charts. Which was sequenced by another album. Which he considers close to his heart. As it reminds of a misfortune he encountered earlier this year (2017) dubbed’ Bulletproof’ with a promotional hit single That is how I feel’ which also super performed in the US Billboard and Charts.

Paper Route Empire

He has also established his own label dubbed Paper Route Empire. Paper Route Empire is founded by Young Dolph and also referred to as P.R Empire. PRE has produced most of his recent mixtapes. And is currently working with other artists to produce their singles as well. PRE is not only concerned with music it has ventured in other avenues. Like promoting upcoming artist and ventured in a cloth line producing designer cloths and branded cloths like t-shirts and hoodies. Paper Rounte Empire also operate a merchandise store where it sale its products.


Young Dolph has not only concentrated his efforts in producing mixtapes. He has worked out the mixtapes into albums which include:
The King of Memphis done in 2016,
The High Class street music done in 2012,
The South Memphis Kingpin. In this album he has featured 2 Chainz, Starlito, Tim Gates and more it was produced in 2012,
The bullet proof album produced in 2017 February he has concentrated the North Carolina shootout in this album,
Young Dolph Albums Peak PositionsThe Cross Country trapping Album produced in 2014,

The rich Craig baby album produced in 2016,

The Bosses and Shooters album produced in 2016,

The High Class street music 4 (American Gangster Edition) produced in 2014,

The High Class street Music 3 Album Produced in 2013 (Trapping Outta a Mansion),

The Shitty on the industry album produced in 2015,

The16 zips album produced in 2016,

The Gelato album produced in 2017,

The High Class street Music 5 produced in 2015 (The Plug Best Friend),

A time 2 kill album produced in 2012,

The High Class Street Music 2 (Hustlers Paradise) produced in 2011,

Welcome to Dolph World album produced in 2010. Young Dolph has worked on many albums the list just captures a few of his many albums.

100 shoot in Charlotte North Carolina

Young Dolph was involved in a shoot-out in the 25th of February, 2017, in Charlotte North carolina. During the shoot-out he was the main target of the shootings in which 100 shots were fired in his SUV. According to police reports regarding the event more than two vehicles were involved. And even nearby house and vehicles were shoot at. The rapper used this occurrence as a title to his album dubbed “Bullet Proof”. In which he described the shoot-out emotionally in the lyrics of the songs in the album. Luckily he was traveling in an armored SUV thus he escaped the incident without any injuries or causalities.

Young Dolph Net Worth

Young-Dolph-Net WorthIt may be a challenge to estimate the exact worth of the rapper Young Dolph, according to our Net Worth Article estimated that he has a net worth of Millions US dollars. He also steadfastly refuses to sign a record deal with a traditional recording outlet.

Instead, he has built a net worth of $3 million the old fashioned way. He invested his street money into his recording career, purchasing beats from big name producers like Zaytoven and Mike Will. Then releasing mixtape after mixtape outside of the major label industry.


He finally released his first studio album through his own Paper Route Empire imprint in 2016. After setting the Memphis street ablaze with his prolific mixtape release schedule. Well received by rap critics and fans alike, the project peaked at #5 on the Rap Album charts. It even made an appearance in the Billboard Top 50.

Future Of Young Dolph

The rappers future is bright regarding his personality and experience he has gathered from childhood to now. Given the ordeals he has survived he is bound to grow from grace to grace. In 2017 alone he has done series of mixtpes and albums proving that he is unstoppable and nothing is going to stop him any time soon, not even 100 bullets.

Family Life

Dolph is not married and has kept his longtime girlfriend whose identity has not been revealed to the public. They have a son whose identity is hidden as well. A recent information hints that they are going to have a second child a girl.

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