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You probably wondering: Who is this Sauce Walka really?
This article will give you an idea whose Albert Walker Mondane really is and most of all, the full story of the transformation to Sauce Walka.


Born in 1990 in Houston, Texas, Sauce Walka (real name Albert Walker Mondane) had a unique upbringing. This molded him into becoming the artist that he is today. He was raised by a mother who struggled with an addiction, a subject that spoke about in his lyrics. Eventually his father (a professional wrestler and athlete) stepped up in to serve as custodial parent.

Sauce Walka Biography Sauce Twinz

The Sauce Twinz

He spent a life hustling in the streets and even pimping women in order to survive. Sauce Walka would soon find a kindred spirit to collaborate with in Sancho Saucy. Sancho’s father was well known in the Houston area as a legendary dope boy and gangster. Qualities that certainly rubbed off onto young Sancho.

Both men claim an affiliation with the Bloods street gang. The affiliation still touts brazenly, wearing plentiful amounts of red clothing and even red tinted jewelry. When Walka first met Sancho, the two began to record together at the Diamond Cuts Studio in Houston. From there, they would eventually form the duo Sauce Twinz and begin their rise to national fame.

Unique Style

Most Houston artists typically begin their careers by rapping about the same familiar topics. Topics like drug dealing, drug use, candy painted vehicles and colorful grills. Sauce Walka took a much different route and set himself apart from all of the other local upstarts. He was nearly sentenced to 40 years in prison after being linked to a shooting incident at a charity event. The event was thrown by local superstar Trae The Truth but Walka did escape serious punishment for the crime.

His rugged upbringing may have led to some controversial lyrics. It does not take an expert psychologist to draw the line between Sauce Walka’s painful, gut wrenching lyrics. Lyrics about growing up with an addict for a mother (who he claims was using while pregnant with him). This leads to his cold, emotionless lyrics about pimping women. The tenacity and honesty he brings to his music is what has allowed to stand alone.

The Sauce

Sauce Walka Biography Sauce The Sauce

The brutal truths that he speaks about did give him an admiring fan base that borders on a cult. Very few rappers are able to come out and bring an entirely different perspective to the game. With Sauce Walka’s emphasis on “dripping sauce”, he has introduced a new slang and dialect. It already did begin to seep into other areas of the rap game.

Walka has spoken about the idea of “sauce” as a religious belief and has referred to himself as a god. Sauce is a concept that is used liberally, referring to everything from the swagger and flavor. Up to Walka’s unique lyrics, to his style of dress, to the drip dance movement that he popularized.

As Walka and Sanchy continued to record and release music, they made a greater name for themselves in the Houston. Local rap impresario Slim Thug eventually heard the duo’s raps and together, they crafted a remix to Yo Gotti’s smash hit “Errrbody”. This allowed a wider audience to become acquainted with Sauce Walka’s talents.

National Attention

Sauce Walka Biography 1

Thanks to the popularity of the aforementioned remix, Sauce Walka could catapult himself to a larger level of fame. The Twinz would release their first mixtape to find a national audience with In Sauce We Trust in late 2014. Walka’s first major solo release, Sorry 4 The Sauce, arrived in early 2015.

Sorry 4 The Sauce 2 was released later that year and Walka did receive national acclaim for his style of rapping. One of the few in the modern scene that does not have an obvious precedent. The Twinz would finally score a major hit of their own in 2015, with 2014 single “2 Legited 2 Quited”. It  made its way into the mainstream, thanks to a signal boost from rap and R&B superstar Drake.

What should have been a shining moment in the trajectory of Sauce Walka became mired in controversy. Drake reneged on his initial promise of getting on a remix of “2 Legited 2 Quited” and a cold war did erupt. Drake was accused of doing a ripoff version of the drip dance in his video for “Hotline Bling”. Followed by Walka recording an incendiary diss track to Drake’s own “Back 2 Back” beat entitled “Wack 2 Wack”.

Thankfully, the dispute between Sauce Walka and Drake passed without incident. The Twinz would release the well received Sauce Theft Auto and Don’t Let The Sauce Fool U mixtapes in 2015. Followed by the double disc compilation Spillin and Splashin.

Current Events

Walka had a superb 2016 by any measure, collaborating on a number of songs with various industry heavyweights. this includes Boosie Badazz, 21 Savage, Shy Glizzy, Lil Yachty, Philthy Rich and Mozzy. He would release his first official solo project with all original production, Holy Sauce. It drew added controversy for its cartoon cover photo that depicted Walka being nailed to a cross while his “sauce” drips down to Drake, Future, Trill Sammy and Famous Dex.

He capped the year with the release of the third installment in the Sorry 4 The Sauce series and the future is certainly bright for his unique sense of artistry. 2017 promises to be a big year for Sauce Walka and he will continue to ride the wave that his sauce movement has created to even greater achievements.

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