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Ralo Famgoon (also known as simply Ralo, real name Terrell Davis) was born in 1995 in Atlanta. He had an upbringing that even the most fearsome artists would be hard pressed to replicate. Davis was raised in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Atlanta, a place simply known as “The Bluff”.

He took his rap moniker from his mother’s boyfriends who looked out for him as a youth and child. Ralo did not have any plans of becoming a rapper. He was a street hustler from a young age and he was considered to be the man of the house. The responsibility of supporting his entire family had him incarcerated a whopping 34 times, including two prison stints.

However, music was always in his heart and he began to write his own music at the tender age of 11. He would also supplement his illegal activities with side hustles to enrich his family, including the sales of CDs.

He was raised by a single mother and also had a younger sister to look after. Ralo credits the hard times of his upbringing for instilling him with the hustler’s spirit that he still maintains today. Ralo also credits his love of music for keeping him afloat during these hard times. Although he never envisioned having the ability to make a living at it.

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Ralo and the Streets

Ralo has also spoken candidly about the harsh realities of his early life. He did not sell drugs as a means of looking cool or attempting to portray himself as somebody else. In his mind, everyone that he knew sell drugs and he did not see any other way to make enough money to ensure that his mother and sister were well taken care of.

It was not until middle school that Ralo began to realize that his life was not like the life of other children. He once overheard another child talking about being made to clean their own room, a concept that eluded young Ralo. Since he resided in a shotgun shack, where he, his mother, sister and grandmother all slept in the same room.

After experiencing several arrests and stints in jail or prison, Ralo was given the impetus needed to become a star. The reason was a girlfriend who disparaged him and told him that he did not have what it takes. She didn’t believe he can make the transition out of the streets and into the recording studio.

These conversations lit a fire under Ralo, who claims to have made annually $12 million in the streets. He parlayed affiliations with local superstars like Future and former adversary Young Thug. It gave the visibility that he needed to make a name in the constantly changing world of Atlanta street rap.

Affiliated with Freebandz and BMG

In 2015, in the midst of Future’s most prolific streak of releases, Ralo released a collaboration with the local titan. It received widespread acclaim (even making a top Future songs list in FADER magazine). “Can’t Lie” caught the attention of Young Scooter, another local rap star who is affiliated with Future’s Freebandz label.

Ralo also has a unique perspective in the modern rap game, as he is a devout Muslim. A shift he credits to his time spent in prison, he does not consume any type of drugs or alcohol. He got tired of hearing other rappers speak about a lifestyle that they were not living. This motivated him since he believed that he had a story that needed to be told.

Success and Projects

He would form his own crew during his rise, as well. Dubbing his crew Famerica, a name he came up with after purchasing a house for his friends to congregate at. He bought the house when he was just 16. The name also doubles as the title for his own record label. Ralo has since become one of the hardest working artists in the city. Dropping three solo mixtapes and a collaborative project with Young Scooter in less than two years.

Famerican Gangster allowed his name to start circulating. The Diary of The Streets mixtapes propelled him to national acclaim. It featured collaborations with Future, Young Thug, Young Scooter, YFN Lucci, Shy Glizzy, Birdman, 21 Savage and Lil Uzi Vert.

Prior to the release of Diary of the Streets 2, Ralo received a major surprise. Birdman reached out to him with the intention of adding him to the Rich Gang label that he has assembled. While details remain scarce about the upcoming sequel to the original Rich Gang project (which starred Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan), early leaks have received acclaim and there is a greater sense of excitement surrounding the release than before. He eventually signed to Gucci Mane new label Eskimo Records on their birthday, February 12 in 2017.

Thanks to these developments, Ralo is poised to continue his rise in the coming year. He is slated to release a sequel to Famerican Gangster during the first quarter of 2017. The release of Rich Gang 2 is scheduled to take place shortly thereafter. Ralo Famgoon’s ascent has been one for the history book and he won’t take a rest anytime soon.

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