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Of the many renowned rappers that emerge in the early 1990s, the name of Project Pat is the one on the top. Patrick Houston, famously known as Project Pat is the famous American rapper. He was born on February 8, 1973 in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis is the city in the southwestern corner of the United States. He is the brother of famous American rapper and songwriter, Juicy J who is also the cofounder of Three 6 Mafia.

The components of rapping include content, flow and finally delivery. The spoken word poetry is the distinct feature of rapping that is performed in time to a beat. It is associated with hip hop music. Rapping can be delivered over a beat or without accompaniment. Rap has a gray area between speech, prose, poetry and singing.
Project Pat began his career by working with his brother on Juicy J’s in the early 1990s releases. In the same time period, he was served in prison for many years because of robbery charges and disappearing from the recording.

Career Reboot

His career started again in 1999 and he released his debut album Ghetty Green. This solo album is released for Hypnotize minds which is the American record label started by his brother. He then became an unofficial member of Three 6 mafia.

Although Ghetty Green did not take him to the heights of success and didn’t propel him to superstar status, but establish a lot in him with his upcoming albums. The next upcoming album “Murderers and Robber” was released independently rather than through loud but after these albums, started a new phase of fame and popularity.

Trap Artist Project Pat
Trap Artist Project Pat

Although Project Pat started his career in 91, he gains attention and popularity when he was featured on Three Mafia’s single. Namly ‘Slippin on some Syrup’ became a huge hit. Basically, his affiliation and collaboration with Three 6 Mafia became the basic reason of his introduction to the listeners. He further became renowned in the hip-hop world in 2000. Due to his second album “Mista don’t Play: Everythangs Workin’”.

First Big Hit

This album was released on February 27, 2001 and this album went on to certify platinum. “Chicken Head” and “Don’t Save Her” get a lot of popularity and gained national radio air play. Also, it became one of the most frequently music videos played by MTV and BET. Chicken Head is considered as the Southern hip hop classic and dirty South Anthem.

The song was the production of his brother Juicy J, and DJ Paul. This song featured La’Chat; the song goes in the typical dirty Southern Style, with La’Chat talking badly about Pat and him calling her a “Chicken Head”. Although his brother had founded the most influential hardcore rap group in the early 90s, but Pat was not the official member of Three 6 Mafia. Pat however, affiliated himself with the Mafia by appearing on albums Crazyndaladayz and Indo G’s Angel Dust (1998).

Legal Trouble

In 2001, after the release of “Mista don’t Play”, he was again charged with a parole violation and he was sent to prison. On March 13th of the same year, Illegal guns were discovered in his car during a traffic stop in the same year, where his four year prison sentence was started. His legal issues began to catch him and during the period of success of “Chicken Head”, Pat struggled with the legal problems. So he couldn’t enjoy the success of his album because he was locked up.

After the beginning of his sentence, his third album “Layin’ Da Smack Down” was released in 2002 and featured a music video. It was his fourth album which was released in the summer of 2002. He has worked and collaborated with many noteworthy artists and producers including Three 6 mafia, Wiz Khalifa, Akon, J-Hood, Juicy J, Juvenile, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross and many others.

The Fourth Album

He remains in the prison for four years from 2001 to 2005. After his release from the prison in 2005, he released his fourth studio album “Crook by da Book: The Fed Story”. The first single off the album was “Good Googly Moogly” in which DJ Paul and Juicy J of Three 6 mafia were featured.

The album also features Beanie Sigel, Young Jeezy, Pimp C, and Lyfe Jennings.
It gained a huge popularity and came on number 64 on the billboard 200.

Project Pat
Project Pat

Biggest Success

Being on the top of this billboard 200 was a great achievement for Project Pat. And the album sells its 40,000 copies in the first week of its release. In 2007, his fifth studio album “Walkin’ Bank Roll” was released. This album also gets a lot of popularity and debuted at number 45 on the billboard. In the same year, he collaborated with late Rapper Pimp C on the track “Talkin’ Smart”.

The lead single from the album was “Don’t call me No Mo” which also features Three 6 Mafia. “Real Recognize Real” was his sixth studio album. It was his major release for the label Asylum Records. It is the American record label that is founded in 1971. In conculsion Warner Communications took it in 1972 and currently distributed through Atlantic Records.

The album “Real Recognize Real” featured the hit single song of “Keep it Hood”. It also features OJ Da Juiceman. On the Top Rap album charts, it reached at number 8 with 8800 copies released on the first week of release. And on July 19, 2011 the seventh studio album “Loud Pack” was released by Project Pat. On March 2013, he announced that his sixth album would be titled Mista don’t play 2. The album was released by E1 music. Finally he was a very successful rapper and had provided the audience with amazing albums and super hit songs that take him on the heights of success. His national fame boasted after the year 2000 and laid down the groundwork for Trap Music. He can be considered some sort of an encaceter to Trap Music.

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