Peewee Longway Albums: Examining Mr Blue Benjamin


Peewee Longway has an extensive catalog of mixtapes, but he has only released one retail solo album. While there are many who may not have a strong awareness of Mr. Blue Benjamin, it is one of the most underrated albums of 2016 and a worthy addition to the collection of any rap listener.

The album begins with one of the best intros of the year, as Longway details his adventures over a booming TM88/Southside beat, dropping references to Spike Lee, California weed and spending illicit profits on watches and women. The video for this intro currently sits at nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube and is poised to become a modern classic.

Straight Line Through The Album

While some albums are content to provide a great intro and fade into oblivion, Longway spends 20 tracks telling us about the gas (Atlanta slang for high grade weed) he sells and smokes, the women he spends times with and the cars he drives in increasingly creative ways. With beats from trap legend Zaytoven, Cassius Jay and Will-A-Fool to provide a backdrop for his colorful boasts, Longway’s versatility serves him well over the course of the album.

There are a number of highlights, as Longway supplements the typical drug dealer tales of his subgenre with the type of details that allow the listener to step into his mindset and relate to the daily ins and outs of his lifestyle, as opposed to the rappers who only let the fans know about all of the money that they have made and how they are going to spend it.

Take album standout “I Got The Box”, for example. While some might look at the title and believe that it is just another sexual metaphor or attempt at materialistic braggadocio, the song is actually about the arrival of a Longway drug shipment at one of his chosen safe houses.

Instead of flaunting his newfound wealth, Longway is far more concerned with letting the listener know how he gained it and more importantly, how he plans to keep it. However, he’s not above allowing Gucci Mane to steal the show by boasting about his array of gold teeth on their “Gold Mouth” collaboration, a song that still stands as one of the best Gucci tracks to have circulated during his recent incarceration.

The album is a solid front to back listen and it is truly saying something that the big name collaboration with Three 6 Mafia elder statesman turned Katy Perry collaborator Juicy J and stoner superstar Wiz Khalifa “Jackie Tan” is among the album’s less interesting selections. With Mr. Blue Benjamin, Peewee Longway shows the world that he can maintain the same format that makes his mixtapes such great repeat listens and ensures that his audience will only continue to expand.

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