Peewee Longway Bio


Peewee Longway has come a long way from his humble beginnings to become one of the most intriguing voices in the world of trap music. Don’t let this label fool you, he’s still one of the most lyrically proficient artists that they have today.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Peewee’s upbringing has given him a unique point of view that comes across in his music. He has developed a cult following in the streets of Atlanta. He has also created his own group, known as MPA (aka Money, Power and Ammunition). There are too many members to count. Peewee’s generous collaborative spirit guarantees verses from MPA members on any project that he puts his signature stamp on.

Peewee first began to rise to prominence back in 2013, with the release of the initial Money Pounds Ammunition compilation mixtape. It was around this time that his connection with Gucci Mane was made apparent to the rest of the world. A connection that existed long before either man stepped inside of a recording booth.

Longway parlayed his connection with Gucci from their street days into a series of collaborations that boosted his profile. This is how Gucci fans began to become more curious about Peewee and he began to make hits of his own. His unique style is very much of the same lineage that began with Gucci’s prolific mixtape run.

Music Style

Peewee does not brag about his lyricism as frequently as other rappers. Do not let his modesty fool you, he’s as gifted of a writer as there is in rap today. His nasally flow was once compared to Young Thug. In addition he’s shown an extreme amount of versatility, riding a number of different beats with ease.

Peewee Longway Music Style

You simply don’t know what flow or cadence he’s going to present next. While his projects tend to be long and sprawling, they maintain maximum listen-ability because of Longway’s steadfast refusal to be shoehorned into one style of music.

Whether he’s going bar for bar with Gucci Mane or Young Thug, making radio ready Instagram odes with Offset of the Migos or delving into the details of his drug use (or drug dealing), Longway has the ability to sound like a different artist on each track that he releases.

Peewees Influence

Once he linked up with Gucci and began to record with him on a regular basis, he became the last artist to sign with 1017 Records prior to Gucci’s recent incarceration. From there, he became responsible for shepherding the rise of Young Thug. As Thug was also a friend of Longway’s before they achieved rap stardom.

While most know Thug as one of Gucci’s proteges now, he was under Longway’s wing at first. When Longway decided to sign with Gucci, a record deal for Young Thug was one of the conditions that Longway insisted upon. He brought Thug to Gucci’s attention and once Gucci was able to hear Thug’s talent for himself. This is how the three began to record together consistently.

Longway’s skills have garnered increased attention as of late and rap legends like LL Cool J have praised his unique approach to rapping. He hasn’t allowed these praises to alter his rap style. Releasing three mixtapes in 2016 alone, all of which stick to the script that he has established: elastic flows, maximum versatility, unexpected moments of poignancy.


Peewee Longway Controversies

However, Peewee’s rise has not been without controversy. He has recorded several songs with everyone’s current Atlanta darling Migos. That did not stop Longway from reminding everyone that he was responsible for many of the trends that they popularized. This includes the use of the terms “dab”, “piped it up” and “lobby runner”.

Once Peewee made these proclamations on Twitter, a beef ensued and longtime Migos collaborator Offset stated that Longway’s words were “lame” and that he needed to “make hits” and stop “claiming words”. It was disheartening to see two of Atlanta’s most popular and influential acts attacking one another in this manner. Fortunately, cooler heads seem to have prevailed and there is an Offset collaboration on Longway Sinatra.

Longway also received added notoriety after his much buzzed about guest appearance during the Noisey: Atlanta video series, where viewers caught a glimpse of his everyday life. Watching Longway record and get ready for a club appearance was already interesting enough. But watching Peewee drop a bottle of his precious promethazine cough syrup and seeing it shatter on a police officer’s shoes is a moment that is too priceless for words.

Best of all, Longway did not miss an opportunity to turn the incident into fodder for lyrical boasting. Using the intro of his Mr. Blue Benjamin album to speak on “busting a whole pint on their feet”. His ability to turn the events that actually taken place in his life into relatable lyrics is what sets him apart from many of his contemporaries.

Up Next

Most of the world has accepted the unique talents of Gucci Mane and Young Thug into the mainstream. Longway seems poised to break through next. He has already scored several minor hits, including “Sneakin and Geekin” and “Serving Lean”, which even received a remix from nascent Harlem star A$AP Rocky.

With a rap style that has no stylistic limitations, a lengthy list of talented friends and collaborators and an ever growing fan base, the sky is certainly the limit for this diminutive, portly Atlanta star. It will be interesting to see if he can parlay his cult following into something more tangible in the future.

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