Oj Da Juiceman


OJ Da Juiceman a XXL Freshman , that released 31 Mixtape and is known for his ad libs like Ayeeee, Okayyy. Definitely a living legend in the trap music game. He helped to shape the scene and opened doors.


Oj Da Juiceman is well know for his unique rap style and his well know trademark sound Ayeeee, Okayyyy and Dayumm! His real name is Otis Williams, Jr. And he was born November 23, 1981 and grew up in Atlanta Georgia.

In the early 1990’s Oj Da Juiceman met the rapper Gucci Mane who was living in the same apartment building as him. Started in the rap game in the late 1990 but then left the scene and went back to the streets. He came back a few years later in the early 2000. Since then he‘s rapping. In 2007 he formed 32 Entertainment his independent record label. In 2008 he got shot 8 times during a drug deal and he survived. Actually he was performing again within a week. Having an Interview 2 Weeks after the shooting with hood affairs where he goes more into detail (link).

He dropped 14 Mixtapes hosted by well known DJ’s such as TheRealDJAce, DJ Drama, Trap-A-Holics and Dj Holiday. Oj Da Juiceman founded the vanity label 32 Entertainment and signed to the Asylum Records in 2009. In January of 2009 his debut album The Otha Side of the Trap dropped which included the hit single „im gettin money“ and the hit „Make The Trap Say Aye“.

Overall Oj Da Juiceman dropped 31 Mixtapes and two albums in his music career. The second Album called The Otis Williams Jr. Story which got released December 5, 2014. As above mentioned he got a distinctive style to rap. His Trademarks shout aye, dayum and okay are legendary. In addition to these characteristics he has a tremendous energetic rap style. Next to the motivating words and instrumentals he manages to transfer his energy direct to the listeners.

Even though he put in a lot of work and dropped an impressiv number of Music in these years. It seems that he was never able to fully leave the trap and concentrate only on his music career. Gucci Mane once said that it’s hard to motivate Oj Da Juiceman for his music career because he came in the music game with money. If we listening to Oj Da Juiceman music he sounds like a real trapstar who is making enough money besides the music. His lyrics are almost exclusiv about selling dope and making money with it. He knows that fact and also making allusions to it in his music. Following a small portion of the lyrics of life on the edge:

Juice you need to rap ,nigga I ain’t rappin shit
Unless im in the trap house unwrappin these bricks
Juice you ain’t focus, dawg what you sayin’
I’m in the hood daily with my fork and the pan

In an Interview with HIPHOPSINCE1987TV about his latest album he said that he took time of his trap to work on his album, so we should go and get it.

Oj Da Juiceman had his Actin Debut in 2012 in the independent street film Stuck on Broke. Where he plays the role of James Johnson which is a street drama about greed, jealous, hatred, politics and street justice.

In summary one can say that Oj Da Juiceman is Definitely a living legend in the trap music game. He helped to shape the scene and opened doors for new young southern trap artists.

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