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Offset which real name is Kiari Cephus was born December 14, 1991 in Georgia. He is the cousin of Quavo and Takeoff. While the Migos got their attention trough hit single Versace, Offset was behind bars in Dekalb County Jail for probation violation. He was serving an 8 months sentence from February 2013 till October same year. His original offense was possession of firearms.

Offset brought back his style when he got back out and had the chance to add verses on multiple songs like Hannah Montana and had his reunited „Debut” on the Migos second mainstream mixtape No Label 2. Offset has the most aggressive rapstyle of the three. He even quoted in the song built like me “When I perform they say I look intimidating”. Beside his aggressive style he sounds very hungry for success. It might be exactly through the mentioned circumstances that his hunger is higher, but it might also just sounds like it. Offset doesn’t smoke weed as you could see during an interview in Paris, France.

He also seems to be the wildest guy out of the trio. Offset also is a member or at least affiliated with the gangster disciple folks. He posted a picture of himself in a black bandana with a caption, reading “2.15.19”. This is a number is representative of the brothers of struggle, which is a prison fraction of the GD’s. The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was founded by notorious gangsters Larry Hoover and David Barksdale in 1969. Find below Offset and Gangter disciples in Mississippi.

She telling me she wanna tie up the knot, (Huh?!?)
I fuck her then kick her right out of the spot,(Get out!)

-from Offset Migos Freak No more”
Bend a ho over like Teddy
Piss on your bitch like R Kelly
I’m rollin’, no Kelly
Lunatic nigga, but I am no Nelly

-from Offset Migos, Know bout me feat. Peewee Longsway and Young Thug”
Fuck nigga you saying we dissing?
Mistletoe chopper, them bullets, come kissing
Don’t enter Atlanta without no permission
Leave ‘em stanking like chitlins

-from Offset Migos, Jealousy”

None of my niggas they scared of yah!
Hang a fuck nigga like ornament nigga
Broke ass nigga unfortunate
I keep the babies like orphanage (babies)!

-from Offset Migos, Emmitt Smith”
These bitches not loyal, don’t trust ’em
Don’t cuff ’em, don’t love ’em, just fuck ’em
She telling me that she gon’ ride, but deep inside I know that she lying
I know she ain’t shit, she a dirty ass bitch
She gon’ fuck yo whole clique, she gon’ run off with bricks

-from Offset Migos, Dramatic”

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