NBA Youngboy Net Worth


NBA Youngboy exploded onto the rap scene in a major way in 2016. As observers of a genre that is consistently searching for new and young talent found something to latch onto with Youngboy’s earnest tales of grinding in the streets to make better of his life and provide for his children.

After receiving acclaim for his Mind Of A Menace mixtapes and watching singles like “So Long”, “I Ain’t Hiding and “38 Baby” receive millions of YouTube views, NBA Youngboy capped off his successful 2016 with the release of the critically acclaimed 38 Baby mixtape.

The Baton Rouge upstart has received plenty of local attention, as well, as Kevin Gates and Boosie Badazz have cosigned NBA Youngboy by adding verses to the long awaited 38 Baby tape. Boosie even went one step further, commissioning an NBA Youngboy verse for his year end project, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

The 17 year old rapper’s music shows a maturity and wisdom well beyond his years. He has already accrued a net worth of roughly $150,000 as a result of his hard work. Not bad for an artist who is not yet old enough to purchase a lottery ticket or a pack of cigarettes, let alone an alcoholic beverage.

NBA Youngboy and the law

NBA Youngboy is now poised to become one of the biggest rap stars in the genre. If only he is able to remain out of reach of the long arm of the law in the meantime. He was recently arrested in Austin, Texas and while details surrounding the case are somewhat murky. There is a prevailing hope that he will be able to remain free and continue to build on his current career trajectory.

He is currently being held on bond and is alleged to have taken part in a drive by shooting. With any luck, he should have the means to secure a timely release and enjoy the buzz that he has created for himself. The NBA in his name stands for “Never Broke Again” and from the looks of it, money is not something that NBA Youngboy will find himself worrying about anytime too soon.

Youngboy Future

Youngboy exists in the mold of many old school Southern rap hustlers. The type of artists who steadily build a name for themselves. And accrue a great deal of wealth by traveling the Bible Belt and giving shows to fans that otherwise remain neglected.

His work ethic is enviable and he has already accomplished a great deal at a very young age. A net worth of $150,000 by the time you reach the age of 17 is nothing to sneeze at. Especially when you stop to consider NBA Youngboy’s hardscrabble roots. Here’s hoping that he will one day make that figure look far more paltry than it really is. However if you are interested how NBA Youngboy came up you should also checkout his Biography.

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