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Takeoff is the youngest member of the Migos. Real name Kirshnik Ball was born June 18, 1994 in Georgia. Takeoff is the cousin of Migos member Offset and the nephew of Quavo. He is known for his unique rap style which is kinda like pulling the trigger of an AK 47 never stops shooting. It’s a mixture of shouting and rapping that perfectly suits him. He is also known for the funny situation when they first met Drake before he jumped on the Versace Remix. “I was just eating wings, so when I turned around, I had sauce in my hands,” recalls Quavo, his voice hoarse. “When Drake shook my hand, I know that he had some sauce in his hand.”

Takeoff-MigosTakeoff has a flow which you either like or hate. Even though Takeoff is the youngest member in the trio, he is the one with the best wordplay in the group. His lyrics are often very clever allusions where he uses characters of games, sports and more. Unfortunately he didn’t get enough credit for it yet, partly because there might still be a few critics that simply don’t understand him (wouthern accent and flow) and don’t go with the time.

We have taken the time to show you a few of takeoff bars.

I don't understand you, you speak Brokanese Never play piano but I whip with lots of keys - TakeoffClick To Tweet
Trappin' and cappin' the fishes Bando smell like Captain D's - TakeoffClick To Tweet

-from Takeoff Migos Brokanese

Killed my nigga Pac and Biggie over jealousy Vegetarian shooter, he gon' kill ‘bout that celery - TakeoffClick To Tweet

-from Takeoff Migos Jealousy

I hate to be you cause I know its depressing Must think its a salad the way that I'm dressing - TakeoffClick To Tweet

-from Takeoff Migos Chirpin

This is just a small abstract of his raps. He has a very good skill set and regarding his age has a lot of potential ahead. We will see where he will take us

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