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One of the most influential groups in the latest years, especially in Trap Music. Grew up together in Atlanta the related group members made their way into the olympus of the hip hop game. They introduced a new style of rap and a phenomenon called the Dab. Read how it all happened.


Migos is a group of 3 atlanta rappers from the Northside (Gwinnet County) well known from there hit single Versace (The single they earned a Million Dollars independend). To understand the group dynamic of the migos made up of Quavo, Takeoff and Offset, you must understand that they are family! Quavo the oldest of the migos group is Takeoffs uncle. Offset is Quavos cousin and is the second oldest of the Migos group.

The humble beginnings

Different sources say the rap trio formed the migos group back in 2009 but didn’t take the music seriously untill 2011. During their beginnings they named themselves Polo Club. In 2010 they changed their name to Migos. They start going to clubs on a routine basis. They went to Mansion Elan in Atlanta on Fridays and Club Obssessions in Decatur on Saturdays, buying the DJ a drink a asking him to play a migos song. So this is how their hustle start. They wanted to made themselves a name in Atlanta and start from there to spread their music.

At the same time their first migos mixtape Jugg Season. The mixtape includes songs like Ray Bans, Jugg Season and Act A Fool. Followed by the mixtape No Label in Jannuary 2012 including the underground hit single Bando which later raised questions by different hiphop intereviewers which didn’t understand their « slang » in the chorus « trappin out the house with them boards on the window“. It was often mistakenly interpreted as „trappin out the house with the boys at the window ». Besides the accent from southern trap artists interviewer had a hard time with the lingo in general. For example some of the interviewers stumbled over the word Bando (abandoned houses) which needed to be explained by migos. During this time they began getting major Atlanta attention ending up in interviews and having known features like Young Scooter and Gucci Mane for the song Holmes.

The Migos Took Off

Growing up together had a major influence on their group dynamic. Coming from the same environment had the migos group members pull together. You can tell from their music that they have a strong bond. Quavo for example said in the song Mama We Rich « I had to look out for my nephew, he look up to uncle“ in the backround you’ll hear Takeoff shouting his name. Their loyalty speaks louder than words. There first known indy mixtape dropped named Young Rich Niggas including highly respected Dj’s like DJDrama, Cory B and DjRayG. Producers like Zaytoven and features Rappers like Gucci Mane, Trinidad James, Riff Raff and Soulja Boy. This Mixtape also includes the Migos Group biggest hits such as Versace, Hannah Montana and Out da Gym. “Young Rich Niggas” received more than 1,500,000 views on LiveMixtapes.com of which a lot of fans called it the “Mixtape of the Summer”.


While Drake hoped on the Versace Remix Offset was incarcerated. The Migos Group at the moment represented by Quavo and Takeoff now blew up. There was hardly any song there haven’t been a shout out in background saying „FreeOffset“. Soon as Offset was free they put him on every song. During his first hours out of jail he had several interviews with major hiphop magazines. He seemed to be the hungry and really enthusiastic to be finally reunited with his “brothers”. And finally living the lifestyle he wasn‘t able to live behind bars.

From there on the Migos Group is well known for creating hit after hit. And they have been productive ever since. While they are recording the Migos Group aims to finish five tracks a day. “It should take you 15 minutes to make a song, and then get out of there,” says Quavo.

Trap Music The Migos
Trap Music The Migos

Next Big Moves

One year later, precisely February 25, 2014, Migos released another new mixtape titled “No Label 2”, which got a lot of downloads of about 100,000 in the very first week of its release and was later certified gold on popular mixtape site DatPiff. “No Label 2” received a lot of positive reviews from vocal critics. On June 2014, Migos signed to 300 Entertainment under the label of Atlantic Records. They released another single called “fight night” that became a massive hit and stayed on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the third hit singles of the rapper’s musical career.

In April 2015, the group was billed to perform at the Georgia Southern University spring concert but failed to show up due to some issues with the authority. The show was later canceled, and the group apologized and assured fans that their debut album “Yung Rich Nation” would still arrive as announced. The album was eventually pushed back to July 31 that same year.

On the album was some guest appearances starting with Chris Brown and Young Thug. Despite the fact that the album was slightly delayed, it still got a lot of positive reviews from music critics. It sold over 15,000 copies in the first week of its release and climbed to No. 3 on the Top Rap Albums chart.

The Dab & More Music for the Fans

After that, they went ahead and released new mixtape under the new management and titled it “Back to the Bando.” The very first song off the mixtape, called “Look at My Dab”. The single received a lot of worldwide recognition all thanks to the dance done in the music video called “dabbing”.

In January 2016, the group released another song called “Young Rich Niggas 2”, then follow-up with another mixtape “Y.R.N.” and then released their mixtapes with 14 tracks in total, the mixtape features production credits from modern hitmakers that include; Wheezy, Zaytoven, Murda Beatz, Dun Deal and others. In February that same year, the group officially kicked off their one month tour they called the “Dab Tour” in San Francisco. They were joined by the likes of Jose Guapo, Rich the Kid, and Skippa Da Flippa while on tour. The tour came to an end in Charlottetown.

That same year, the group released their new album titled “3 Way”, with about five tracks. On the album, they did a follow-up on “Y.R.N. 2”. It features Blac Youngsta as a guest, the production was done by couple of gifted minds and they include Dun Deal, Rick Rack$, Cassius Jay and Zaytoven.

GOOD Music & Culture

In September 2016, hip hop mogul Kanye West revealed that he had signed the group to his GOOD Music label, in an affiliation with Def Jam Recordings. Several months later, the group announced that they planned to release their highly anticipated album titled “Culture”. This album hit the public in the autumn of January 2017 and made directly their way to number on of the Billboard charts.

Fans were ecstatic about this announcement. The album CULTURE has a lead single called, “Bad and Boujee” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, and was released on October 28 in 2016. Upon release date, the song went viral and even had a large number of memes done by fans using the song lyrics. This sensation eventually got the song to debut at No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100 and later to No. 1. The second single to their Culture album was January 2, 2017, titled “Call Casting”.

Finally the Migos effort in the music industry seems to pay off. Culture debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200. Thanks to the smash single “Bad and Boujee” and Migos clever marketing, reminding everybody that Migos are part of the culture. The success boosted the Migos not only in the light of the public (thinking of Black Beatles) also in their Net Worth.


Often criticized that there are lyrical untalented we have to contradict this statement. The Migos Group may not rap alot about whats considered as «deep». But as Takeoff once said they got bars and we confirm that they have a crazy wordplay and use funny/intelligent metaphors (Check their Bars at Migos Lyrics). The south has gained momentum in the rap scene and did or still is flooding the States with Trap Music. This includes Heavyweights as Waka, 2 Chainz, Gucci, Jeezy and T.I. The Migos Group managed to create their own flow and enriched the trapworld with the well established Migos Flow.

So we are looking forward to see how the Migos Group will come up we new stuff. We hope to see them winning for a long time!

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