Lil Yachty Biography


Lil Yachty’s story is different from most. The young Atlanta upstart did not have to overcome a hardscrabble upbringing in order to make it to the top. While he was born in 1997 in Mapleton, Georgia, his name has already begun to transcend the rap world.

Lil Yachty and the Yacht Club


He was the son of a photographer who worked alongside of a number of major Atlanta musicians. His mother provided him with the lessons he would need to learn along the way. Yachty (whose real name is Miles Parks McCollum) was exposed to a wide range of music growing up.

As a teenager, he worked at a local McDonald’s and attended Pebblebrook High School. There it was that he would discover the nautical theme that has been pervasive throughout his nascent career. He linked up with a number of other aspiring producers and artists and together, they became the Yacht Club.

Yachty never had much academic ambition and has been saying that our nation’s educational system is several years behind. After he finished high school, he did move to New York City to pursue a career in music.

He slept on a friend’s couch and attempted to develop a network of influential buddies in the industry. He met Ian Connor, a well known online influencer, the meeting did not lead to any sort of real traction. Yachty was forced to return home and attend college in an effort to keep his mother happy.

Yachty headed off to Alabama State but would only last two months before promptly quitting. Many believe that his signature red braids are a flourish that he added after becoming famous. Actually he wore his hair in this manner for a great deal of time before he achieved wider acclaim. He did speak about people made fun of his unique appearance.

Trouble with the law and Passion for music

This led him to spend more time withdrawn from the world and he was usually in his room creating music. Yachty’s comfortable upbringing did not shelter him from getting into trouble with the law, however.

lil yachty bio paddling

His love for high end clothing led him to take a trip to Palm Springs. There he would attempt to go shopping with counterfeit credit cards. This was the first time he did get caught committing such a crime, forcing him to post $11,000 bail.

The charges did eventually expunge, allowing Yachty to avoid having such an unsightly blemish on his criminal record.

Yachty was facing a major crossroads in life, as his family had grown weary of his musical aspirations and his unwillingness to remain in school. Meanwhile, his peers were skeptical of his red hair and unique style, making him an outcast in many social circles.

Musical Steps

Lil Yachty Biography burberry Perry

At this time, he met his artistic soulmate, producer named Burberry Perry who also found himself feeling like an outsider. He would also meet another crucial collaborative partner during this time, a man by the name of K$upreme. The three began to work together  in Yachty’s makeshift bedroom studio and they created a new sound together.

Yachty counts Lil B and Andre 3000 among his influences and his eclectic musical tastes are reflected in his music. This received a great deal of flak from a number of prominent rap purists. They view his happy go lucky tunes that eschew traditional lyricism as slap in the face to his musical ancestors.

Yachty would score his first hits with the smashes “Minnesota” (which featured local superstars Young Thug and Quavo). And “1 Night” (which has made its way into the top 50 on the Billboard pop charts). superstar Drake played “Minnesota” on his wildly popular OVO Sound radio show, which helped to reach an even bigger audience.

Lil Yachty Rise

Lil Yachty bio and Young Thug

2016 was the year of Yachty’s rise. He became even more popular after a guest appearance on the Big Baby D.R.A.M. smash “Broccoli”. It became a top 5 pop smash and recently received a double platinum certification. Many critics did credited the song’s success to Yachty, as his growing popularity did fueled its rapid ascent.

Yachty shows no signs of slowing up anytime soon either, as he released the long awaited sequel to Summer Songs in 2016. He recently announced the upcoming release of his official solo debut, entitled Teenage Emotions.

He even got the chance to appear in a Sprite commercial directed by industry titan Neal Brennan. Appearing alongside NBA superstar LeBron James, where his song “Minnesota” played and received exposure to an even greater audience.

There have been no shortage of industry movers and shakers to embrace Yachty. Local rap impresario Coach K eventually sign the youngster to his Quality Control record label. Here Yachty would have the opportunity to record additional songs with the Migos.

Teenage Emotions is currently one of the most anticipated album releases in any genre for 2017. While the rest of his story has yet to be written, he is off to a start that few other artists can match. The sky is certainly the limit for this creative young man and observers everywhere anxiously await his next step.

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