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Kevin Gates had a rough upbringing that resulted for him peeing often in jail. Most of his fans like to know his full jail history. This lead us to the motivation to create this article – Kevin Gates in Jail. Most of his Jail time was due to his post career aktivites unfortunatly also some recent ones during his music career. We captured all we could find in this article.

Kevin Gates in Jail – 1999


13 year old Kevin Gates landed himself in jail for the first time, back in 1999. He was arrested for “joyriding” while actually riding low in the passenger seat. Despite the fact that he was a passenger, they continued his arrest.

Gates stated in an interview that: “The first time I ever got arrested, I was 13 years of age. If they would’ve just pulled up to the jail, left me in the police car, never took me inside and just took me back home, I don’t think I’d ever have done anything else again. But what it did was—by me going into jail at such a young age—all it did was criminalize me in a sense. It kinda’ steered me in the wrong direction after getting there and settling in; it took the fear of jail away from me.”

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Gates went on to say that this incident in jail really made him think, “This is it? This [jail] ain’t nothing’.”Psychologically, he felt marked towards criminal behavior because of the lack of fear of jail itself.He went in detail expressing that once the mentality without the element of fear of the law is inside your mind you are more subject to engage in criminal behavior. Kevin Gates decided to do more illegal activitieswith the belief that he was simply “doing it better, smarter”.  It was this mentality that preceded his repeated actions of illegal activity.

He revealed in the interview that this first offense but was quickly followed by another just 4 months after. At the age of 14,repeated convictions started to overtake his world.

Kevin Gates’ second major offense in 2003

Just four years following his first jail encounter, Gates was involved in a heated public altercation, in the front of a movie theatre.  This is where things got violent.

The altercation ended in Kevin Gates stabbing his opponent multiple times. In an the interview below Gates stated the following details about this incident, “Honestly this happened just the day after Christmas only for defending myself, you know what I’m saying. I was already a convicted felon from the other incident and I forgot what the charge was but I did end up stabbing the person a few times or something like that… So I ended up getting [and] going back to jail in 2007, but I really forget the years because I really have been in and out a little bit, you know”. As he speaks about his repeated times spent incarcerated, it is clear that time has faded his memory on all of the incidents and dates each one happened.
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Kevin Gates in Jail 2007

2007 is where the “evasive offenses” emerge which began sending him back to jail on a recurring basis. As a previously convicted felon, any encounter with the police is doomed to be unfavorable for the offender. This is where Gates began to state that he has been arrested involving, “having a firearm as a convicted felon, around a controlled dangerous substance, which puts you at 10-15 years…

Kevin Gates in Jail 2008

It’s not known why he was locked up specifically, but it was revealed once that most of the time where he had encounters with the law were for various incidents such as possession of a firearm or possession of illegal substances. He is often reported stating that he is simply “just trying to keep my nose clean”.

Kevin Gates reiterated the fact that once you have a prior history, small offenses cause confusion no matter what the incidental charge.

“No matter what the incidental charge- when I engage with the police or violate probation, that is it”.

“I have a prior history and already a convicted felon. I’m always going to get a harsher punishment because I got a prior history.”

Around these repeated encounters with the penitentiary he shared something very interesting about prison life, “the penitentiary was the best thing that ever happened to me. Why? Because I learned respect. I learned to respect myself and I learned to respect all of those people around me. Yea, maybe the other guy might be bigger than me or this one maybe weaker than me, but you know, he might be stronger than me in the mind. I could beat him up right now; but then what?

If he stronger in the mind than that makes him stronger. And just because his temple is better guess what, he might be the one serving food in the cafeteria.  Then what happens when he crushes glass in my drink and know I’m *shitting* blood know or coughing blood. I done seen that around me. I just learned how to respect the things around me. Really I am a gentleman… I only get gangster when necessary.  If you can out think a man you got a man beat.”

Kevin Gates in Jail 2008 – 2011

Kevin was sentenced to 31 months for the possession of a fire arm around a controlled dangerous substance. The repeated charges caught up with him and the judge was not showing any mercy nor plans to alleviate the length of his sentence. They gave him a sentence revolving 2 separate charges, choosing not to run them as concurrent offenses, which would have been to his advantageas it would have cut the time in half; down to 15 years versus 30. In the end he was found guilty and given 3o years of hard time during this consecutive sentencing.

Despite what the judge saw and dealt him, he still stood firm in the belief of who he was. In the same interview talking about this period spent in prison he confidently stated,

“You know, I know I am a man of great morals and a man of great principles, and I never read that on no back and when I got that [understood] I could look in the mirror and say, Kevin, I *expletive* with you. I always stood tall. Look I learned from my grandfather that you not fighting to win.”

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This is the time where he said he also learned to, “never let anyone trick you out of your position. Whatever people say about you- direct or in-direct, don’t entertain that”. After this period of incarceration, Gates got heavily involved in mentorship groups where he was able to give back to the younger generation, to encourage them to not walk the same path. He received guidance and encouragement from unspecified mentors during this experience of his repeated jail time history. He credits due to this experiences the building of his character- the root of his great principles and self-proclaimed morals.

Kevin Gates in Jail 2013

In December 2013 Kevin Gates was arrested once again for possessing a controlled dangerous substance. The charges that he faced other than the stabbing altercation each had a drug element in connection with it.  In addition, sources state that Gates was arrested for traveling without permission from a Louisiana court order causing a violation of the previous offenses on his record. He stated during an interview with that he did an additional 3½ months in the beginning of 2014.

My situations always seemed like I would get the short end of the stick,” per a VladTV interview, which was filmed just days upon his probation release, “I ain’t never had a situation to where they gave me the option if I ratted I would get out earlier, but I have seen it where people would initiate that and say hey I have this information. I’ve never had that situation. I had to ask God why I would always get the raw end of the deal, you know what I am sayin’; but with great power comes great responsibility- so I had to be molded into what I am.”

It is very clear that Gates stands on the belief that the penitentiary helped to mold his identity and stand in who he is. This belief is so strong that it is hard to hear any remorse or conviction of any kind for any acts that he may have actually committedin the wrong, despite of his proclamation of being “a man of morale and great principle”.

Kevin Gates in Jail 2016

Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 180 days in jail. Therefore he was found guilty of misdemeanor battery by a jury in Bartow, Florida. The incident in question occurred at an August 2015 concert at Rumors nightclub in Lakeland, FL, when Gates was recorded kicking a 19-year-old audience member, Miranda Dixon, in the chest while onstage. The widely circulated footage was used as evidence in the case, along with testimony in court from Ms. Dixon. Previously, Gates has publicly argued his innocence, claiming that Ms. Dixon grabbed his shorts multiple times without his permission, and that he acted in self-defense.

Ms. Dixon claimed in court that she fell back and “blacked out” after Gates kicked her. Gates’ lawyer, Jose Baez, countered that Ms. Dixon’s “credibility is to be questioned,” accusing her of embellishing the severity of the incident to gain damages in a separate civil suit. Fox 13 News (of Tampa Bay) notes that the the judge also ordered one year probation following jail time, and that the sentence was apparently “three times what prosecutors requested”.

Kevin Gates in Jail 2017

Kevin Gates got sentenced to 30 months in Jail for a Gun Charge. The warrant for the charge is old it was made in Illinois from 2013. Kevin actually just avoided the state from there on. When he got released from Jail from Florida he and his legal team wanted to clear his also this charge by turning Gates in. So he drove to Illinois to clear the whole situation.

Watch the video about the new sentence:

Kevin Gates in Jail conclusion

Gates stated that he has been in and out of jail his whole life. He said that entertainment and streets don’t go together. It isn’t a secret that he raps to express some of his street struggles. Rappers continue to merge the elements of streets and entertainment into their music. Using rap as platform to express street life – will continue to encourage rappers to associate with criminals.

Kevin Gates stated about his work and the work of other rappers that, “rap does not have to be rooted in the struggle of the street life.Rapping and the streets don’t go together. You can always be a “CI”, which is a “confidential informerfor the policebecause the police only know what you tell them. And right now the police always watching rappers because rappers like to hang around criminals because they feel like it gives them some certification. I’m what you call a “reality rapper”. I found a way to tell my story to the individuals around me and people relate to it.”

Kevin Gates confirms that the police are only successful in what they do, because of the people snitching. The story of Gates’ experience with the law goes beyond simply doing time in prison. Gates tells us that he has lost everyone who he has ever loved to the “streets” and prison life. Either they have been killed or are locked up in prison for good. As convicted felon he is not allowed to visit these loved ones in the penitentiary, since it’s prohibited by law.

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