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Futures real name is Nayvadius Cash, he was born on the 20th of November 1983 in Atlanta Georgia. Growing up in Kirkwood also known as Lil Mexico with his brother Casino and childhood friend Young Scooter, both are Freebandz rappers today.

His stage name was giving by a member of the Dungeon Family, who called him “The Future”. His cousin Rico Wade also member of the Dungeon Family was some sort of a mentor and encouraged him to pursue a career as musician.


Future moved at the age of 7 with his family to Atlanta. The childhood of future is filled with hardships, his father left the family when Future was 10 years old. His mother was working all day so he spent a lot of time with his grandmother, who mainly raised him. Futures grandfather encouraged him to start spending time with his cousin Rico Wade, hoping that will keep him out of trouble, since his friends started to be involved in illegal activities. This was around 2001 and gave future the ability to get some first hands on experience in the music industry.

So the Dungeon Family was only partly successful. When you follow his lyrics and interviews you get an idea what Future have witnessed. To get shot in the hand when he was 17, mentioned in an interview with “djvlad“, changed his persona dramatically in the wrong direction. He also gave a picture of how he grew up running corners, literally did everything to get money.
At one time Future must have realized that this life will get him nowhere except of prison or graveyard. His passion and talent for music was the key to get out of the hood. From 2009 Future stayed every day in the studio. It’s remarkable that there was a time when Future had to force himself to work on his rap career full time and let the streets beside. He described this situation as a hard time, because the rap money was coming really slow and he was used to have money since he was a child hustling for it, now doing shows for free to just get his name out, didn’t always feel right.
The track “You Deserve it” gives you a good impression of the situation:

“The fruits of my labor I laid down a solid foundation
You water a seed too long and it’ll grow
You stay down and grind for long and it’s gon’ show
It brings water to my eyes just to hear me on the radio
You would not understand the route I had to take to get here so
I worked for this (I worked for this)
It didn’t come easy (It didn’t come easy)”

In 2010 Rocko signed future to his A1 Record and released his first mixtape “1000”. In the next two years Future created his own label called “Freebandz”. In 2011 Futures broke through with “Racks”, that he co-wrote with YC. It was mainly counted as YC song, but later the Year Future had “his” hit anyway with “Tony Montana”. The same year Future released 3 mixtapes all instant classics, starting with “Dirty Sprite” followed by “True Story” and “Streetz Calling”.
What followed then was a stringing together of mixtapes with well known hits and his debut album. The album Pluto hold the biggest hits of the mixapes  “Tony Montana”, “Magic” and “Same Damn Time” in addition tracks like “Go Harder”, “You Deserve It” and “Turn On the Lights” were introduced. Critics received Pluto positive, with some exceptions. “Astronaut Status” dropped in 2013 with its catchy track of “Itchin” produced by Mike Will. “F.B.G The Movie” and “Black Woodstock” both from 2013 are something between a compilation of mostly “Freebandz” artist and a normal Future mixtape.
Already in 2012 Future announced his second studio album under the name “Future Hendrix”. Later the album was renamed to Honest. Future later claimed in an interview:

The album that you gonna get when it comes out, is not the album I was working on when I first started recording. It was another kind of album.

Indeed the album that dropped in April was different from what you heard so far from Future. Still had some turn up tracks for the streets but also a lot of emotional tracks. The tracks “Honest”, “Karate Chop”, “Shit”, “Move that Dope”, “Covered in Money” and “I Won” were released as singles. The critics for this album were overall very positive.
The next releases of Future were the mixtapes “Monster” in 2014 and the Zaytoven collaboration “Beats Mode” mode early in 2015. Future said that the mixtape “Monster” was for his day one fans and maintained the high musically standard Future consistently provides with very good tracks like “Hardly”, “My Savages” and many more.

In the intro of “Monster” Future addresses all the rumors he was facing. Also the relationship with Ciara was a topic in “Monster”, she is also the mother of his son “Future Zahir Wilburn” born in May 2014. He is also father of 3 more children with 3 different baby mothers.

Music Style

Future has a broad style of making music. He described it as timeless, turn up or astronaut music. From heavy based sounding hardcore trap music like the hit single “Same Damn Time” to love songs like “Neva End”, Future does it all and by excellence. And it’s hard to deny, that from a musical stand of view Future is a genius to transport all the energy and the feelings of the track to the listeners and that’s probably the reason why he made so much hits. Not only listeners get inspired also other artists like Drake who was inspired by Future to make a song called “Started from the Bottom”.

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