Blac Youngsta Biography


His rise above poverty is remarkable but often known for trap artists. Being a street hustler, brought him a number of charges for gun and drug related crimes The turnaround came after signing with Memphis legend Yo Gotti.


While most now know him as Blac Youngsta, he was born Samuel Benson in 1990. He has made a name for himself in the rap community by unapologetically flaunting his newfound wealth. But there are many who are unaware of the difficulty of his upbringing and his reasoning for doing so.

Some might wonder if he is for real when they watch his outlandish money counter videos on Instagram. However, he did not rise from his humble Memphis beginnings and join Yo Gotti’s CMG crew by being fraudulent.


He rose from abject poverty and made a name for himself on one of the roughest corners in Memphis, the infamous McMillan Street. The area is notorious for being a local crime hotbed. Now the South Memphis rapper enjoys the spoils of his hard work. A life that most can only dream of, his upbringing allows him to keep everything in perspective.

Blac Youngsta was forced to shoulder responsibilities at a young age that would make a grown man think twice. He began working as a child, securing a job at a grocery store, thanks to the help of his grandfather. Living with his grandparents, Blac Youngsta often found that they could not afford to feed him or his younger brother. Their paltry Social Security checks and the money that his grandfather made cutting grass were just not enough.

He began to work at the tender age of 7 and was not always paid in cash for his services, as he was often paid in food. Spending one’s childhood working long hours for low wages and an occasional meal. This will certainly change your perspective and this is definitely true of Blac Youngsta.


Watching his loved ones struggle in such a difficult manner instilled a strong sense of hustle in the young man. He was determined to change his family’s situation in any way possible. After he was eventually fired from his grocery store job for stealing food to feed his younger brothers, he became entrenched in the streets. Now he learned to make the necessary money to care for his family by selling dope.

From there, he began to experience the side effects of his newfound lifestyle. As he was charged with numerous gun and drug related crimes, shuttling back and forth from prison. Fortunately, he was able to secure a bond. According to Youngsta, the longest sentence he ever served was one year.

Beginning to realize that the life he was leading had no desirable outcomes, he began to write raps while he was in jail. His first rhyme he spitted over the Destiny’s Child “Bills, Bills, Bills” instrumental. He had been rapping for his whole life and finally decided to start trying to make a career of it in earnest.


After being released from jail, he recorded his initial mixtape Fast Brick. The successors of the Fast Brick spread through Memphis quickly, allowing him to make an instant name for himself.

His name also begin to spread throughout Memphis due to the block parties. He was hosting on McMillan Street in honor of his fallen comrade, King Craddy. However, the death of his brother hit Blac even harder, causing him to experience suicidal thoughts. In his mind, the fact that he was hustling in the streets and lived, while his straight laced brother was murdered for no reason was too much to bear.

He channeled his survivor’s guilt into additional music, finally making the song that would push him over the top. The local smash hit “Heavy” caught the attention of local rap impresario Yo Gotti and he would soon ink a deal while sitting on a jet. Blac Youngsta calls this the happiest moment of his life and the byproduct of giving rap his all.


The 2015 release of the I Swear To God mixtape cemented him among the Memphis rap elite. Now the audiences were able to readily identify with the stories that he told about. For example, Sleeping on the floor of a one bedroom house and having to care for his little brothers at a very young age.

He has continued to remain productive and prolific in 2016, releasing the well received Young and Reckless mixtape during the first quarter of the year. While this project relied primarily on the talents of local producers like Tay Keith and Tayerrific. It contained no famous guest appearances, it was merely the table setter for his big coming out party later in the year.

The aptly titled F*ck Everybody allowed Youngsta to showcase his unique talents on a much wider scale than ever before. He received tracks from big name producers like London on da Track, Beat Billionaire, Dun Deal, Zaytoven and Cassius Jay. In addition to the high powered beats, a number of ascendant rap superstars lent their talents to the project, including Young Thug, YFN Lucci, Quavo of the Migos and Jacquees.

Blac Youngsta is proof that any of us can transcend our current situations, if only we put our minds to it. While his childhood was certainly not one to be envied by anyone, he was able to use his God given talents to make a better life for himself and his family members. Don’t let the Instagram money counting videos fool you, Blac Youngsta is a wise, hardworking man with a real story to tell and we have only just begun to see him scratch the surface of his talents.

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