21 Savage Bio


21 Savage, has experienced a meteoric rise in 2016 with the release of his well-received collaborative mixtape with superstar producer Metro Boomin, Savage Mode. This project has spawned two smash hit singles, “My X” and “No Heart”.

You might ask: Who is 21 Savage and what life he is coming from. This article will give you the sometimes ugly truth.


If are lover of the Trap Music, you most certainly are very conversant with the 21 Savage. He has gone through thick and thin with many hurdles in life. A life that would best be defined by two words-violence and crime. From selling drugs in his early life to being expelled from exactly all schools as a teenage boy. 21 Savage has proved so many things in life.

The proof and testament he brings forth is that dreams are valid. Moreover, his story reveals that anyone can become someone in the society regardless of their past ordeals. This article thus talks about the life of the young rapper including his early life, controversies and wrangles, his career development as well as his relationship. We hope that this will be an intriguing read for you. Stay tuned with us in exploring the amazing biography of your beloved Georgia’s fine 21 Savage! He has gone through it all, he looks the part, and he has lived the part. This is the biography of Young 21 Savage.

21 Savage Bio

His Early Life

21 Savage, going by the real name Joseph Bin-Abraham Shayaa was born in the 22nd day of October in the year 1992 in Dominica- Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised by his mother Heather, together with his four brothers and six sisters. His Birth sign is Libra which is a characteristic of people who are peaceful, fair and hare being alone. As a young boy, one would expect 21 Savage to have a normal boy life and achieve his dreams smoothly. However, life was not always so simple for the rapper who is affectionately known as “Young Savage”. He’s 24 years old, turning 25 in October 2017, and his childhood was filled with pitfalls that would not only threaten to finish his life but also to take down any nascent star that was coming up in the area.

According to 21 Savage, he was just eight years old when he saw a gun for the first time. The gun was shown to him by his uncle. He’s always had a strong love for firearms. He proudly recalls receiving cap guns as birthday presents when he was small and pretending to shoot his brothers with them.

His childhood was spent moving from one ramshackle Atlanta apartment to another with his large family. He was born on a tiny Caribbean island known as Dominica in Atlanta, to a mother of Dominican descent and a Haitian father.

Dominica and Atlanta at large was a savage town

The Upbringing of a (21) Savage

21 Savage lived with his mother, four brothers and six sisters, crediting their bond with helping him through these rough patches of life. His mother was probably the rock of stability in his life. While his father was dealer who always got involved in selling crack. He (the father) was perhaps not very useful to him. His uncle was killed in front of their home by an headshot when he was only 11. That must have been a horrific experience to the boy.

But Savage himself stated in one of the interviews that Dominica and Atlanta at large was a savage town where all shit could indeed happen-from robberies to people being slain, even to frequent rape cases. It was like a normal life in the streets which one had to live with as part of them. After all, he already found himself there. He lived the life but he lost quite a ton of people whom he loved.

Always in Trouble at School

Not surprisingly, the love and passion of guns started to land 21 Savage in a lot of trouble at school. As a result, he was kicked out of Stone Mountain Middle School. For bringing a pistol to keep himself safe from bullies that were notorious in the school. Once he was ratted out to the school’s administration. Savage found himself bouncing between Dekalb Regional Youth Development Center and a series of alternative schools.

After a series of like incidents, including messing around with girls. 21 Savage was finally expelled from every school in Dekalb County. His mother, in an effort to help him further his education, moved him to a school in Gwinnett County. The eventuality of him being kicked out of school. This came as a result of his threat to shoot a number boy with a pistol gun. After being kicked out, the famous rapper was placed in juvenile detention where he had to finish his high school.

He was only in his seventh grade when the last incident that triggered his expulsion happened. His initial stint was a success and he spent much of 9th grade playing wide receiver and cornerback in a football program which he had then enrolled in while in probation. However, the lucrative and attractive but dangerous lure of the streets was far too persistent for Savage to ignore and he had to fit in or be left out.

Savage’s Youth

When Savage no longer had school to distract him from the street lure. He and his friends began to fall victims to all of the trappings of the dangerous street life in Georgia. They would regularly break into homes and steal flat screen televisions and jewelry among other valuables. These they would then sell them to the numerous local drug dealers and pawn shops in the locality to earn money or rather make some profit.

Even though 21 also sold drugs, he has occasionally taken great pains to state that he was not a kingpin of any kind in that sector. While he remains tight lipped about past criminal activities, the implication has been made clear. He was a robber, not a drug dealer. He was once arrested in a vehicle that contained 22 grams of marijuana, 89 hydrocodone pills, a Glock .40 and a .9mm Ruger. These were just the occurrences that tainted his name regardless of any attempts to say otherwise.

Stroke of Fate

Savage was an industrious boy even in the illegal business. By the time he was a teenager, he had already established for himself a pretty successful business which involved selling weed from his mama’s house. Things were going on pretty good for him and business was great, making enough profit. To prove this fact, he was eventually able to buy his mom a car and even went a further mile to get her amazing mother and caretaker an apartment. He would then come to keep the house. Interestingly, all of his close boys adopted the number of 21 as their gang name. And at the age of 16, they opted for 21 tattoos. Savage also got his tattoo on the side of his face.

On his 21st birthday, he was shot six times in a tragic occurrence that took the life of his close friend and Tay. It happened in a drug deal that turned into an attempted robbery. In the incident, a good friend of Savages mother as also slain and these were just about the things that would make him have drastic life changes. Around the time this very unfortunate incident happened, Savage received the dagger tattoo between his eyes. He made it to pay tribute to his dead Brother who previously just tatted the dagger on his forehead. As an indication of the representation of the crew they were in. Savage taking the same tattoo as a sign of respect to his brother.

21’s Turn-Around

It is normally said that there is that one event which happens and causes a turn-around in someone’s life. This was no exception for Savage. The shooting completely changed his previous bad life and one would say forever and for the good. He then decided that his best shot at a future of success. And an attempt to stay alive for him would be if he focused all his youth energy into rapping. A few things had changed by then and for once 21 Savage had adopted the moniker/nickname of Savage. A name which he came up with while setting up his Instagram account, just from nowhere.

It was clear and his mind was made up. And this saw him decide that he was no longer taking any shit from anyone at all costs. After the shooting took place, 21 decided to make changes to his lifestyle. And he began to spend more time in recording studios in the town. He says that he was not rapping out of a sense of passion. But he was doing it simply for the reason that in deed there wasn’t anything else to do at that moment. Investing the money he had made on the street. 21 Savage started doing simple recordings of tracks at the apparently famous Atlanta studio Patchwerk.

An Old Freind – Metro Boomin

It was there that he then ran into an old friend Metro Boomin. He had already gotten tired of his thug life by this time. But was privileged to have the advantage of a fresh, not to mention a powerful voice. He had also previously done some dabbling with rap after having made one song with his brother. And had gotten his hands on a mac computer and a microphone. Luckily enough, his brother Tayman (late) had robbed a house, finding a better computer and microphone which Savage then had set up in his room. He was good to go.

Music Career

Metro (his now old met friend) and Savage had been friends for many years. Long even before 21 had his infamous dagger tattoo done. When Savage reconnected with Metro, his old friend. He briefed him of the fact that he was in the process of trying to initiate a rap career. Intrigued and moved by his ambitions, Metro directed to him a batch of beats. This went well for 21 and led to the birth of the hit single “Drip”. It showed on Savage’s first mix tape, which he named The Slaughter Tape.

Thereon, the Free Guwop, and Slaughter King released several other smashes like “Red Opps”, “Supply”and “Skrrt Skrrt”. Free Guwop EP, which he released in the month of July of 2015 with Sony Digital, was as his tribute to Gucci Mane. What many people probably don’t know is that Gucci is the impression behind the track of Savage. His inspiration all seem to have come from Gucci Mane. When he was growing up, Savage used to listen majorly to Gucci Mane’s songs.

Savage Mode

With his performance now at an all- time high, Savage and Metro collaborated to create a now full length project which was called Savage Mode and which they released in 2015, July .The project went to the 44th position on the Billboard 200. 21 Savage has since become an Internet sensation since the emergence of the Savage Mode. His songs have since been fast crossing over, with higher reach of terrestrial radio realm and are listened to by many people across the World.

Of special relevance is the the earlier mentioned “My X” which is a collaborative effort with the Atlanta rap artist Future, has gained much popularity for the rapper. This single by 21 at one point went to platinum. There has been no limit and shortage in the number of rap legends both past and present who are lining up to collaborate with 21. This can be attributed to the fact that 21 is a person with ample respect who does not talk much (perhaps this can be explained by the “Death Before Dishonor” tattoo which lines the top of his head) and is not very controversial either.

Quick Rise and Recognition of Peers

Of the fellow rappers that have collaborated with him is Drake. Who had him featured on his recent single, “Sneakin”. And even acquired brand new Ferrari for him as a gift for his birthday. The reason why Drake bought him the impeccable machine is still not clear but truth is Savage had the car. It may be because of the platonic love or because of the good work in their hit collaboration song where 21 did a good feature.

Moreover, even Drake and Meek Mill had 21 featured recent tracks. In addition, Gucci Mane has blessed 21 with an amazing feature in the new song “Peekin”.This was among his firs songs and suffices as a dark trap anthem which would then be a niche classic hit among the Atlanta locals for its shaky and intoxicating energy. Arrays of other young rapping stars have expreseds their interest to collaborate with 21. This list is inclusive of Young Dolph, Lil Yachty, PnB Rock and Lil Uzi Vert among others.

21’s valued qualities

21 Savage is a rather quiet guy even in his career. His transparency about his morals is however unflinching, whether right or wrong. He emphasizes this on a statement (in “Out The Bowl”- which is a deep cut from his flagship project) saying that he is a street nigga who doesn’t pay for features in his songs. This is quite true to him. The Atlanta’s artist does not participate in the economy of cosigns in Atlanta’s industry. Neither does he truly engage/participate in the paid features as he reiterated.

Moreover, he wants nothing to do with any diplomatic alliances between the rappers in his country and beyond. Despite all these, major producers have shown much affection to Savage. As a result of his respect for character, actions, the feel of being real and people’s backgrounds. Savage has gained major collaborations and liking from artists and producers like Metro. Who praised him by reiterating that he is important because he’s one of the last real street niggas who has been left making music.

Musical Style

21 Savage Albums InfoGraficSavage’s music is unique. If you are a trap music lover who has had some experience in the streets, most likely you will be able to easily identify with his music. The genre he chose suits him well too. This is to say that the music by 21 is known and felt to lean heavily on robbing and killing, pulling inspiration from lived-in hardships in the streets. The inspiration is from a day-to- day street experience. And this has kept him relevant all along, constantly creating a fresh menace from life itself.

In the year 2016, 21 Savage was named one of the influential rappers to watch by the influential Hip-Hop magazine XXL, appearing alongside other artists namely Desiigner, Lil Yachty, Anderson Paak, Lil Dicky, Lil Uzi Vert and many more others. This has shown that in deed 21 has lived the part in the music industry and has earned much respect from it. It is not always that an artist would have many other artists collaborating with them but this to 21 has been the easiest affair.

Album Issa

Savage, has since his music career been releasing singles, collaborative songs and mix tapes but had not produced his own album. It however came to change in July of 2017 when the artist announced he would release a first album. The album was actually released in the 6th day of July, 2017. And goes by the name Issa which is termed as “a play on it’s a”. Savage entertained his fans by rapping the songs from the first album on a 29 date tour that saw many other artists joining him. The artists included Young M.A., Nudy and Tee Grizzley. It is a tour that was praised by many fans and remained to be very epic in his history as a rapper.

Apart from his own latest “Issa” album. Savage has in the past had a major a collaborative album with the young 22 year old top producer Boomin. The album The Beast Mode was a great piece of art and an extension of Savage Mode and hit iTunes on July 15, 2016, with skyrocketing number of views. Yet another thing you might not have known, Savage is not only a rapper but also a songwriter. Presently, 21 Savage has an affiliation with Epic Records (EP). A label which is owned by the Sony Music Entertainment in America.

Beef with Other Artists

21 Savage has indeed not been left out when it comes to wrangles and online wars. As common with other artists, this is something that cannot be avoided and indeed forms part of the life any artist. As such, Savage has been caught up in quite a number of beefs with others. In a first wrangle, a tweeter by Savage in which he previously stated that he wanted to “tear” Kylie Jenner’s “ass up”. And that Jenner was the hot chick he had a crush on the reality star escalated into an online fight.

Tyga, who happens to be previous Jenner’s boyfriend almost immediately responded by releasing a diss track. The situation has since escalated into a back- and- forth fight on Jenner’s page, where the two rappers have been viewed to be bickering. The beef all started like a month before and days later. It was revealed that the celebrity crush is none other than the youngest sister in the Jenner family. For the best part November where the beef started, and the first few days of December. The two superstars have been trading somewhat derogatory shots.

What was supposed to be a mere joke and very harmless in nature had thus gradually graduated into a full time beef and Tyger was like overreacting to it. He even went ahead to post a picture of him and Jenner in a Ferrari. Probably to mock the Ferrari that was bought by Drake for the Young Savage.

21 Savage vs 22 Savage

Onto a second wrangle, 21 Savage finds himself in a tussle with 22 Savage. This has been an interesting event to follow. After few months 22 Savage eating off of the success of his Atlanta counterpart. The crew of 21 Savage had to finally break their relative silence by taking to Instagram in a bid to air out their grievances. In about a few days that passed, 21 Gang Chevy posted a photo on the Instagram page of 22 Savage with tombstones that were superimposed on each of the photos. The photos were then captioned the photo with “Fuck nigga know how we coming”.

As if to add salt onto the wound, an affiliate of 21 Savage No Plug escalated the conflict by commenting “Fuck nigga, we in [Baton Rouge] when the tour end shooting videos in his hood pull up”. 22 Savage was touched and had to retaliate .In retaliation therefore, 22 Savage commented, “Ian hiding. Bout it. Pull up then.” 21 Savage was watching closely as this unfolded and he had to talk about it. He therefore went publicly by saying that indeed what was being seen as a beef between them was not after all that serious. In his post, he said that he could not have beef with his child (22 Savage). Who also was like his brother and he would like to be like/ to emulate. In that soft twist, the beef seemed to have ended for the two artists.


Everyone has a pronounce faith to attest to, which gives them a sense to belong. It is not different with 21. Savage is known to an active practitioner of Ifá faith. This is an Afro-American religion with the roots in West Africa. Especially in Nigeria where it is mostly practiced more than other parts of the World.

Relationships and Responsibilities

Savage is known to be a father of two kids, responsible. And has been seen posting a photo of him and his kids on the Instagram pages. Not much is talked about the mother or mothers of the children but as a youth. Certainly he had an active life, hooking with blonds while he was dealing. And as a result, he came to father the two children at the young age of 19. Many artists don’t like putting their personal life in the public domain. And this might probably be the reason why you may not know much about the Savages children. Most importantly, according to him, his children happened to be the main motivation for him to seek out for a better life through rap.

Currently, 21 Savage is in a stable relationship with Amber Rose. The two are officially a couple, boasting of the strongest bond that is hardly found with most of the artists around. Despite the age difference-Amber is 33 while Savage is 24 years of age. Savage has shown the deepest heartily affection for his girlfriend. He has taken him to see his parents and the relationship seems to be going on pretty well for them. It is something that seems to be a race to the finish line and maybe in a few months, we might have a wedding being announced. Savage has since confirmed the relationship at an interview with Real 92.3 radio station.

Source: blacksportsonline.com

Young Savage and Amber Rose

Young Savage a part from confirming the relationship also went ahead to give a stern warning to those who disrespect his lover. He was crystal clear in an interview that he would not be tolerating anybody who would make any attempts towards their new union. To be precise, he told people to shut their mouths about it. This warning was followed by a series of praise sentiments towards Rose. Savage reiterates that Amber treats him like a king and so it is what it is. The Atlanta bred rapper further goes ahead to add that even though their difference is in age. He is still able to connect to Amber. Amber has made him act like a whole new man. Taking him from bad lifestyles to newer healthier lifestyles, he said.

This is a way of proving to the world the seriousness of the relationship. In other words, Savage is telling the World to mind their own business and let them be. It seems he has made up his mind to settle down with Amber. We can only wait for the best in times to come.

His crew The Slaughter Gang

He currently serves as the leader of his crew the Slaughter gang. All of the crew members have the number 21 inked on their skin at some part of their bodies. The “21” signifies the block in their old hood. The Crew of his Slaughter Gang has since begun to bear a new star. His self-proclaimed “brother” by the name Lotto Savage even started to make a beautiful name for himself in the Atlanta streets. Thanks to his release of the well received 2016 mix tapes, i.e. “Don Slaughter” and “Lotto Krueger” which have paved the necessary way for the young artist.

Future prospects

With features lined up the way from pop and R&B superstars- Fetty Wap and Jeremih ,and yet another 20-30 tracks with Metro Boomin waiting, the sky can only be the limit for Savage. He has hinted on intent to sign with a record company but he hasn’t yet. He is however considering seeking a distribution deal for the imprint of his Gang. What the future holds for him is a wait to be seen for 21 but one thing is for sure clear. The future is blindingly bright. 21 Savage’s end game like any other person is to make millions. And possible billions so that he can improve the lives of those he came up and grew up with. These include including their families and those that were present when he made life in his rough, tough neighborhood. He is a caring person and for sure he cares about them.


The life of Shayaa Bin-Abraham Joseph, has for sure been what would literally be termed “hell on earth”. A life marred by crimes of different degrees, violence, deaths, drugs, and pains just to mention a few is a life that not anyone survives from. It is even made worse when the environment is that of the streets. In which you have to see all these every day. But against all odds, the young rapper Savage emerged as the strongest personality that would make history in Atlanta. He has live it all, seen it and came out of it.

This boy Savage has literally given a testament. Nothing is surely impossible regardless of what is gone through in our lives. He shows it is possible to evolve from the darkest of the places. And become the light you want to see, not only for you but for the people around you. He has sufficed an instrument of inspiration and an instrument of change. Truly, there is a good life after misfortunes.

It is our hope that this article has enabled you to understand 21 even better. We are hoping to further give you more insights into the lives of other artists. Just take a look at all the article below.

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