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Did you ever searched for trap or go getta-related gear and couldn’t find any that really express the actual movement? Are you tired of all the regular clothing lines? Companys which only use their logo and print it on everything they have? Or have you ever found a really nice piece but the quality of the product was poor!? Years ago we had a lot of products that reflected the culture, but today it seems like brands forgot about the culture! If you feel the same please let us introduce you to Tha Plug the leading trap and go-getta related premium headwear brand!

Welcome to Tha Plug

Tha Plug was created by trapheads in 2013. The idea was to combine the culture with a new innovative headwear line that people like to wear and connect with. They produced a handful of classic designs which received great feedback from celebrities and the community.

Premium Snapback: TRAPPALYMPICS

Today we want to introduce you to the premium snapback: TRAPPALYMPICS. The hat has a black snakeskin top and a black snakeskin brim. The Design is a victor’s laurels and in the laurels there are 5 eggbeaters that are arranged like the Olympic circles. Underneath is a writing saying TRAPPALYMPICS. Of course the legendary pattern lining decorates the inside of the hat as well as the “Tha Plug” Logo on the side of the snapback and the lettering on the back.

TRAPPALYMPICS is a whole new stage of trapping. Athletes run or swim. Trappers trap! If you trap on a high level take part at the Trappalympics and express yourself!



Tha Plug wants that all their clients are satisfied with their Tha Plug premium headwear. Therefore they have created 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

Celebreties rocking Tha Plug

QC the Label Artist and Gucci Mane, Migos and Young Thugga affiliated Atlanta rapper Chill Will rocks “Tha Plug” products. From MMG to Bricksquad everybody is hooked on the premium headwear just like the slogan says: Your supply of highly addictive premium headwear.

As all the “Tha Plug” premium hats the “TRAPPALYMPICS” Snapback will be send to you in an exclusive packaging. The packaging consists of a premium box and a cotton bag with the “Tha Plug” logo and lettering.


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