The Old Gucci Mane


Gucci Mane has achieved cult hero status in the rap world, as many know of his insanely prolific output (over 50 mixtapes and counting) and his confrontation with fellow Atlanta rap titan Young Jeezy that turned deadly for one of Jeezy’s accomplices who was sent to relieve Gucci of his jewelry.

However, Gucci has always struggled to remain on the right side of the law and after a series of run ins with the police, he was finally convicted of a probation violation after behaving in an erratic manner and having marijuana and a gun on his person when authorities arrived.

Rap fans everywhere mourned the loss of Gucci, as it seemed like he was more at home inside of prison walls. Many believe that he had squandered his last chance and that his name would be added to the lengthy list of “what if” rappers who had gone to prison at inopportune moments in their career.

But Gucci was bound and determined to make the most of his chance to better himself. He shed the infamous belly that he had developed from years of abusing lean, a powerful opiate mixture of codeine cough syrup and soda that causes users to gain excessive amounts of weight. His commitment to fitness has continued since his release, as he regularly showcases himself on Snapchat eating kale and working out.

The New Gucci Mane

161123090604-gucci-mane-proposal-exlarge-169He began to read more books, recently tweeting that he had become a major fan of the works of Malcolm Gladwell. According to Gucci, the pop psychology lessons contained in Gladwell’s best seller Outliers helped him immensely during his incarceration and taught him how to divorce himself from the result and focus more on the process.

Once released, he did not return to the “pint of lean, pound of weed” regimen that caused him to lose control of his state of mind and have violent outbursts. He has spent his release touting the virtues of remaining clean, sober and fit. He has even furthered his dedication to longtime girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir, shocking the world by proposing to her on the “Kiss Cam” at a recent Atlanta Hawks game.

To see someone who was once held up as a symbol of all things wrong with modern rap turn into an inspirational figure is a testament to the power of the human mind. By ridding his body of the toxins that were doing damage to his decision making abilities, Gucci is showing the world that you do not need drugs or violence to enhance your creativity.

Some Things Never Change – Gucci Mane’s Work Ethic

This story has a very happy ending, as Gucci has resumed his prolific release schedule without missing a step, dropping two well received albums (Everybody Looking and Woptober), in addition to the GucTiggy EP with longtime collaborator Zaytoven. He has also released collaborative EPs with current chart toppers Future and Lil Uzi Vert and promises to release a 3rd album by year’s end.

Here’s to the positive power of change and here’s hoping that the changes Gucci has made spur others to do the same.